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Debugging Data Tables in Visual Studio

Debugging data table variables can be a pain. Let’s see how to fix that.

Normally, if you try to inspect the rows within, you have to go one-by-one, specifying the index each time.

To make life easier, download this visualizer (alternatively, you can use Microsoft’s built-in visualizer with the same instructions below, it’s just less feature-rich).

Then, when you’re debugging, you can inspect the data table one of two ways.

1) Hover the data table variable and click the impossible-to-find magnifying glass.


2) Right click the variable, click add watch. Then, highlight the watch, and press CTRL+SPACE.


Then you’re greeted by this lovely visualizer and you can finally see what’s going on inĀ  your data table variable.


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  • JM

    Do you think that you’ll install the plugin in future versions of your visual studio? I’ve found that a lot of my plugins get forgotten when I get a new computer every few years. I think the built-in viewer works acceptably.

  • John Graybosch

    Yeah, definitely. Basically, the developer is using a DevExpress grid, which has a lot of cool built-in features that he didn’t have to code himself. I like the grouping feature, for instance.